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We hope this finds you most well indeed. Today sees the release of our first CD of the year with the wonderful debut collaboration between David Cordero and Kenji Kihara. 'Komorebi  木漏れ日' is an album of subtle electronics within an ambient framework that beautifully draws in the light between the spring and summer seasons. Whilst we don't have a direct translation for 'Komorebi', the music perfectly encapsulates the loose meaning of light filtering through branches on a sunny day with its gentle touch and droplets of melodies interspersed throughout.

Here's what David and Kenji had to say about their first collaboration together:


'I met Kenji in 2018 during my first concert in Tokyo. We performed on this night and I loved his performance from the first melody. Once back in Spain I couldn't stop listening to his music so I wrote to him with a proposition to record an album together.'


'When David sent me the first sound, I confirmed that this album would be very nice. My sounds and David's are organically mixed to create a deeply pleasing ambient work.'

Featuring unique photography from our dear friend Hitoshi Ishihara, we are so excited to present these in our usual 200 CD edition once again.

Thank you