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Hawgood | Hüwels | Murray

'Day Falls'

And so we come to our final physical release of the year. Our little cycle since last summer began with Chronovalve's 'Light' and now ends with 'Day Falls' by Hawgood | Hüwels | Murray.

It has been a wondrous year for Home Normal. We've released work by dear friends and amazing creators, have continued with our lovely minimal design aesthetics alongside Jason van Wyk, and a year after having these 11 CD's printed, finally come to a perfect conclusion. Tonally the music we released this year shifted to music of hope, timelessness and a sense of calm in a world that seemed filled with turmoil. On a personal level, I am incredibly proud for what we have achieved in the face of great adversity, but also just so utterly thankful for working alongside such amazing people, and being so kindly supported by each and every one of you.

Not only does this mark the end of the cycle we began last summer, but this also marks a break from physical releases until early next year for Home Normal beyond a vinyl collaboration at the end of the year (vinyl manufacturing permitting) with Polar Seas. We still have some wonderful digital releases ready to tie you over but are taking the summer off from post office trips if possible ;)

This final release was recorded in the earliest part of the pandemic last year and is a work of deep analog-love and ambient soulfulness recorded between three friends. This really was the perfect coming together of tone, sound, development and warm enveloping slow-build melodies across our very different ways of working as a trio. Guitar, synths, and lots of fuzzy reel looping sourced to make the most perfect of works, and mark a truly beautiful highlight for the label.

Enjoy x


Thank you so much for your kind support once again.


x HN