Date: 07/10/22 Format: CD + Digital Total Duration: 38:06 Genre: Frayed textures x mystical melodies


We've been so happy at Home Normal to work with regular contributors to the label, and this has now evolved as we invited two of our small family of artists to release back-to-back albums with us. Early next year will see two albums from Wil Bolton which we are incredibly excited to share, whilst we are very proud to present 'frayed' and 'hope remain' from the truly wonderful anthéne this autumn.

Anyone who has followed the ambient scene in recent years will have come across the work of this highly-respected artist from both his solo work and regular collaborations. Brad also runs the excellent Polar Seas Recordings label from his native Canada.

Brad's work is typically based on carefully constructed guitar and synth structures using slowly-evolving loops. 'frayed' is no exception but marks a real highlight and progression as he works with decaying textures and tones, warbling at the seams.

As Brad notes:

''frayed' has more experimentation in sound than my previous work. There are more decaying textures and melodies, and it's often more minimal and heavily processed. The end result is still melodic but feels like it's fraying at the edges.'

'frayed' will be followed by 'hope remain' two weeks later (on October 21st) and we are so thrilled to be sharing the work of a singular artist as we move into autumn.

Thank you


written and recorded by brad deschamps

artwork by april suen
mastered by ian hawgood

copyright © 2022 Home Normal

All rights reserved