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David Cordero

Lambda {λ}

Date: 13/05/21 Format: CD + Digital Total Duration: 39:04 Genre: Feather-like Ambient-Electronics in an Intricate Form

 Lambda {λ}

Lambda {λ}



In January 2016, Home Normal was lucky enough to release the excellent 'El Rumor del Oleaje' by David Cordero to critical acclaim. Since then, David has gone on to release a number of solo and collaborative works, including two excellent releases with the electronic artist dot tape dot.

'Lambda: {λ}' is his long-awaited return to the label after over five years. An album of intricate ambient-electronics, David highlights his unique talent in creating an album of carefully constructed, subtle and slowly-evolving sounds, quite different to the more recent grandiose releases on Dronarivm and Archives with 'Honne (本 音)' and 'Salinas' respectively.

It is this quiet nature I have always loved in David's work and I don't think there are many better artists out there who can develop these highly melodic little worlds of sound that are perfectly contained in their relatively short-form constructions. Indeed, 'Lambda: {λ}' is an album that has been something of a mainstay during our time at home through the winter and spring, becoming a perfect soundtrack to time spent quietly appreciating the changing seasons in the haven we live.

The album has been created alongside artists such as Miguel Otero, Carlos Maquieira (Duister) and Pepo Galán, and once again features the Polaroid artwork of Stijn Hüwels on the cover.

Thank you


Written & produced by David Cordero

Cover art by Stijn Hüwels


Mastered by Ian Hawgood

copyright © 2021 Home Normal

All Rights Reserved



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