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Today we're thrilled to release the Home Normal debut of a truly special artist. It is hard to believe that the work of Fields We Found entered the ambient realm only last August. Such has been the impact of his releases that he has instantly become one of the leading lights in the ambient community.

His debut for Ambientologist ('Thanks') immediately marked his music out as uniquely textured and deeply human in approach. This was followed up with the superb self-release 'Expanse', with 'Distance' for Jogging House's perfectly-formed cassette label, Seil Records soon after. Both 'Expanse' and 'Distance' cemented his place as an artist with remarkable control of his analog machines; with beautifully evolving melodies gently seeping through the harmonious tape noise of his now signature sound.

'Trust' follows on from these works in his most subtle and patient work yet. Whilst the modular framework and dedication to tape recording remain, this is a release centred around upright piano and is a perfectly balanced way of approaching an instrument in a patient way, letting notes ring out with weightlessness and a timeless ease of character.

It is in this timelessness that the music of Fields We Found resonates so deeply, breathing gently and encompassing each surrounding texture as the world passes by. That is a rare gift within any release, and in that patience we are gifted a truly human work of art.

Thank you

You can stream our WHOLE catalogue on Spotify here:

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