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We offer a variety of analog and digital mastering services from our little seaside studio.
Please email mastering[at]homenormal[dot]com for any requests.


Put quite simply, mastering is the final stage of audio preparation. It is where you get a trusted second set of ears to lightly or heavily adjust your work so that it sounds 'whole', and basically ready for public release.  We run a small mastering suite with an array of analog outboard gear, most notably our collection of Studer, Nagra, and Revox reel-to-reels and pre-amps. We also love working with a variety of digital plug-ins depending on the project. We have mastered over a thousand works of various genres over the past ten years from our studio in Tokyo. As of June 2019 our studio is located by the sea in Peacehaven in South East England under Mokoshi Mastering. All mastering is carried out by Home Normal founder Ian Hawgood.


One standard physical format (CD or vinyl or cassette) ALBUM LENGTH - £200
One standard physical format (CD or vinyl or cassette) SINGLE / EP LENGTH - £100
For any additional formats please add £50 (eg. CD + vinyl masters = £250)

All prices are inclusive of hi-res digital files, and include up to 5 revisions.
All payments can be made by Paypal or bank transfer and are only requested when the job is completed.



Regular customers are offered discounts so please do enquire about this if you have a number of jobs that need mastering.


My turnaround as of April 2021 is now about a week for initial tests due to a slight backlog of jobs.


Thank you.

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