Date: 10/01/18 Format: CD + Digital Total Duration: 34:56 Genre: Warm Analog Sleep Echoes


Ouvala are Ian Hawgood and Tim Diagram, their first album "Psychology Of Colour" was released on Fluid Audio in 2016.


Ouvala’s new mini album "Multiperspectivity" is the most-recent handiwork and features nine collaborative pieces, thrown back and forth several times. It is a characteristic of sound, short stories and mystical adventures where both the collaborative musical perspectives are projected to the listener.

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All songs written, recorded & mixed by Ian Hawgood and Tim Diagram, from 2016-2018 on location in Japan, Poland and the UK.

©2019 Home Normal / Handstitched*

All rights reserved 




'Het resultaat is dat je even helemaal op bezinnende wijze uit de realiteit wordt genomen. In alle opzichten is dit een schitterend kleinood geworden.'

De Subjectivisten

'If you know these guys and their lovingly majestic works, you'll know this by all reasonable expectations ought to be a thing of magical beauty.'

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contact: info@homenormal.com

home normal ambient classical piano drone music from japan and poland

Home Normal is a small 東京 founded record label

now based by the sea in Brighton, U.K.

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