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Pleq & Hakobune

Adrift (Remastered + Remixed)

Date: 10/12/20 Format: CD + Digital Total Duration: 67:41 Genre: Angelic Drone x Environmental Fragments


This reissue of 'Adrift' by Pleq and Hakobune is a newly packaged edition of the 2012 NKR release now on Home Normal. The newest edition has been completely remastered by Ian Hawgood and run down from the original masters to reel-to-reel for a wholly new, more open and nuanced experience. It features remixes by Olan Mill, offthesky, and Polar M, as well as gorgeous new cover art by Giulio Aldinucci.

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All tracks written and produced by Bartosz Dziadosz and Takahiro Yorifuji in 2011 and 2012 except track 7 (with Masumi Muranaka), track 8 (with Jason Corder), track 9 (with Alex Smalley)

Glitch and field recordings by Bartosz Dziadosz
Drones by Takahiro Yorifuji

Remastered and textured by Ian Hawgood
Cover photography by Giulio Aldinucci

copyright © 2020 Home Normal

All Rights Reserved



'Adrift’s ambient music is mesmeric and its immersive soundscapes are left open to individual interpretation. One would expect nothing less than a stellar album from these two experienced musicians, especially when the music fits so snugly within the ambient field, but the transfer to reel-to-reel has opened up another dimension in which the music can enter and engage with the listener in new and striking ways.' Fluid Radio

'Adrift is an album of organic ambiance, warm texture, and minuscule glitch that sounds as gorgeous and regal as it did eight years ago. Well, maybe a little more regal. For this edition, Ian has painstakingly reworked the pieces “from the original masters to reel-to-reel for a wholly new, more open, and nuanced experience.”' Headphone Commute

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