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Wil Bolton

Cumulus Sketches

Date: 14/01/21 Format: CD + Digital Total Duration: 44:58 Genre: Drifting Ambient for Daydreaming


Following up from 2014's 'Bokeh', Home Normal welcomes back Wil Bolton. 'Cumulus Sketches’ is an album of fragile, drifting ambient structures for daydreaming and cloud-watching. Pastoral analogue synthesizer melodies and effects pedal textures are intertwined with rural and urban environmental sounds recorded in South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and Sri Lanka.

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Written and recorded by Wil Bolton

Cover art by Stijn Hüwels

Mastered by Ian Hawgood

copyright © 2021 Home Normal

All Rights Reserved



'Cumulus Sketches is immediately expansive, with spread-out, immersive melodies and an oriental atmosphere. In general, the music is tranquil, restorative, and healthy, and the tracks are given time to properly develop, feeling more like fully-grown pieces and less like the sketches of its title. The blurred effect of reverb only adds to the dream, making Cumulus Sketches the perfect soundtrack for cloud gazing.' Fluid Radio

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